Top - Roving - Batts

  • Dyed Corriedale Top

    Corriedale wool has a defined, even crimp and
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  • Romney Roving

    This versatile carded wool roving has great crimp,
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  • Malabrigo Nube Merino Roving

    Malabrigo Nube is a wonderfully soft 100% merino h
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  • Heinz 57 Top

    Made from a Heinz 57 variety of breeds from sheep
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  • Felting Core Wool

    Ideal value wool breed blend for needle felting pr
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  • Targhee Top

    Targhee Top Targhee is a domestically grown wool
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  • Jacob Top

    The classic hand spinners wool. Unlike most other
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  • Extra Fine Merino Top

    This is the softest dyed merino top on the market
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  • Shetland Top

    $17.25 - $19.50
    Soft wool from Shetland sheep available in natural
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  • Cheviot Top

    This Cheviot wool is ideal for hand spinning. If y
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Top - Roving - Batts

The largest online selection of wool for spinning, needle felting, wet felting, nuno felting and other craft applications.  Choose from Merino, Blue Face Leicester, Corriedale, Coopworth, Romney, Cheviot, Churro, Cormo, Dorset Horn, Finnish, Gotland, Icelandic, Jacob, Karakul, Lincoln, Manx Loanghtan, Masham, Norwegian, Perendale, Polwarth, Rambouillet, Shetland, Shropshire, Southdown, Swaledale, Targhee, Teeswater, Texel, Welsh, Wensleydale, Zwartbles and more!

Top - Fiber is combed to provide spinning fiber in which all the fibers are parallel. This preparation of fiber is best suited to worsted or semi worsted spinning.

Roving - Fiber is carded, usually commercially, into a long continuous cord that is @ 2"-3" thick. The fibers are going in multiple directions (but generally more aligned than a rolag or batt). This preparation of fiber is best suited to woolen spinning. We offer a wide selection of wool roving for sale.

Sliver - a thinner version of roving.

Rolag - Fiber is hand carded and puled from the cards. Forms a fluffy roll of fiber.

Batt - Fiber is drum carded and pulled from the drum carder. Forms a blanket of fiber.

Fiber Discounts*

Purchase 10 fiber items and receive 5% off each.
Purchase 15 fiber items and receive 10% off each.
Purchase 24 fiber items and receive 15% off each. 

 *Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued, specials or sales. 

If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.