Silk Fibers

  • Rosie's Sari Silk Roving

    Beautiful color blends of sari silk.  Perfect
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  • Natural Tussah Silk Top

    Natural Tussah Silk Top - 250g This honey colored
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  • Silk Sliver Collection

    First produced in ancient China, silk has captured
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  • Natural Red Eri Silk Top

    Also known as Endi or Errandi, Eri is a multivolti
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  • Natural Yellow Eri Silk Top

    Also known as Endi or Errandi, Eri is a multivolti
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  • Rosie's Sari Silk

    $6.25 - $7.50
    This silk fiber comes from the production process
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  • Muga Silk Top

    Muga silk, is obtained from the Antheraea Assamens
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  • Silk Funky Fibers Box

    This kit is full of amazing and fun silk fibers. M
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  • De-gummed Silk Cocoons

    Degummed Silk Cocoons High quality Mulberry silk,
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  • Silk Cocoons

    These are white cultivated Mulberry (Bombyx) silk
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  • Mulberry Silk Sliver

    Mulberry (Bombyx) silk is the world's finest silk,
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Silk Fibers

Silk is a natural protein produced by certain caterpillars (silkworms) to form cocoons.

  • Mulberry silk is produced from domesticated Bombyx mori silkworms that feed on mulberry bushes. Approximately 90% of the silk produced each year is Mulberry Silk.
  • Tasar (Tussah) is a type of wild silk produced by the Antherae genus of silkworm. Typically available in natural color as it does not dye well.
  • Eri Silk is derived from domesticated silkworms and has a creamy white color. 
  • Muga Silk is produced by the Antherae genus of silkworm that feed on the soalu plant. Known for its golden brown color and glossy texture.

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