Exotic Fibers

  • Baby Camel / Silk Top

    Beautiful fawn color with an exceptional sheen. Ma
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  • Baby Alpaca Top

    Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are domesticated versions
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  • Faux Cashmere Top

    Made from a specially treated nylon, this man-made
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  • Qiviut Down

    MSRP: $100.00 - $190.00
    $49.99 - $99.99
    The fine undercoat of the muskox is called qiviut
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  • Merino / Bamboo / Silk Top

    This 50/25/25 blend is a favorite with dyers and s
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  • Polwarth Wool / Tussah Silk Top

    Polwarth fiber is a fine wool breed. After crossbr
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  • Merino / Yak / Silk Top

    This combination of luxury fibers is a spinner's d
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  • De-Haired Yak Top

    A very soft, de-haired top made from the undercoat
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  • Angora Top

    White fiber is considered to be the most desirable
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  • Brushtail Possum Fiber

    This is the fur of the Brushtail Possum from New Z
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Exotic Fibers

We stock: Alpaca, Bamboo Silk Top, Bombyx Silk Cocoons, Bombyx Silk, Noils, Camel Down, Camel Hair, Cashmere, Llama, Mohair, Possum, Shorn Angora, Silk Caps, Soy Silk, Surino, Tussah Silk, Yak, Bison and Qiviut. 

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