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Exotic Fibers

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  • Adult Camel Hair Top

    The adult camel top includes the hair, guard hairs
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  • Alpaca Roving

    As low as $54.00
    100% Alpaca roving is suitable for both spinning a
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  • Angora Top

    White fiber is considered to be the most desirable
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  • Baby Alpaca Top

    As low as $24.99
    Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are domesticated versions
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  • Baby Camel / Silk Top

    Beautiful fawn color with an exceptional sheen. Ma
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  • Baby Camel Down

    Camel is a luxury fiber in its de-haired form with
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  • Baby Camel Top

    Camel down is a luxury fiber in its de-haired form
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  • Bleached Flax Top

    Just like kenaf, jute, nettle, ramie and hemp - fl
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  • Brown Mink Top

    One of the softest fibers that is only available i
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  • Brushtail Possum Fiber

    This is the fur of the Brushtail Possum from New Z
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  • Cashgora Down

    As low as $41.25
    The Cashgora is a cross between an angora buck and
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Exotic Fibers

We stock: Alpaca, Bamboo Silk Top, Bombyx Silk Cocoons, Bombyx Silk, Noils, Camel Down, Camel Hair, Cashmere, Llama, Mohair, Possum, Shorn Angora, Silk Caps, Soy Silk, Surino, Tussah Silk, Yak, Bison and Qiviut. 

Fiber Discounts*

Purchase 10 fiber items and receive 5% off each.
Purchase 15 fiber items and receive 10% off each.
Purchase 24 fiber items and receive 15% off each. 

 *Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued, specials or sales. 

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