Felting Wool

Felting Wool - Felting Wool - All of the wool in this section is suitable for all felting techniques. Order wool roving in bulk and save! Order wool roving in bulk and save! 

Wool makes the ideal felting material due to the physical structure of the wool fiber.  Wool fibers are not smooth like hair.  Wool fibers contain scales that look like those found on fish when viewed under a microscope.  These scales run the entire length of the fiber strand and interlock with one another when wool fibers are agitated together.  This interlocking mechanism is the basic concept behind felting and imparts the resulting fiber substrate with its structure and strength.

Softer wools with crimp tend to felt better, especially when wet felting.

Developed in Spain, Merino felts easily and is ideal for items to be worn due to its inherent softness.

The longer staple length of Shetland provides added durability in a soft and easy to felt fiber. Shetland is a conservation breed.

Developed in New Zealand, Corriedale is a true multipurpose wool that is well suited for felting.

An English Longwool breed, Romney is another multipurpose wool.  Typically, the coarser the Romney, the easier it will felt. Romney is a conservation breed.

Core Wool is an economic blend of various wool breeds that is ideally suited for creating 3D needle felting projects.

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