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Conservation Breed Wool

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  • Churro Top

    Churro Top Native American rugs and blankets have
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  • Cotswold Top

    Cotswold Top The Cotswold is known for its heavy,
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  • Dorset Horn Top

    Dorsett Horn Top A very rare breed sheep with den
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  • Herdwick Top

    Herdwick Top This hardy breed lives on the highes
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  • Jacob Top

    The classic hand spinners wool. Unlike most other
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  • Karakul Top

    Karakul Top Strong, durable and stable, Karakul is
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  • Lincoln Top

    Lincoln Top Nice long and shiny fiber able to be
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Conservation Breed Wool

Conservation Breed Wool

The Woolery is pleased to offer a wide variety of wool from Conservation Breeds in an effort to raise awareness and support the rare and native herds.

Additional information is available at the following websites:

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Livestock Conservancy