Conservation Breed Wool

  • Karakul Roving

    Strong, durable and stable, Karakul is ideal for h
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  • Hill Radnor Top

    This rare upland breed from the UK produces a full
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  • Scoured Wensleydale Fleece

    Wensleydale fiber is the finest of the long wool b
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  • Romney Top

    A beautiful natural white fiber from New Zealand.
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  • Lincoln Top

    Nice long and shiny fiber able to be spun into stu
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  • Shropshire Top

    A favorite among hand spinners, Shropshire is a so
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  • Wensleydale Top

    Wensleydale Top Wensleydale fiber is the finest o
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  • Romney Roving

    This versatile carded wool roving has great crimp,
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  • Manx Loanghtan Top

    Manx Loaghtan is a rare breed of sheep that is bet
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  • Whitefaced Woodland Top

    One of the softest of the mountain breeds, this Co
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  • Teeswater Top

    Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting, doll maki
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  • Shetland Top

    $14.50 - $18.00
    Soft wool from Shetland sheep available in natural
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Conservation Breed Wool

The Woolery is pleased to offer a wide variety of wool from Conservation Breeds in an effort to raise awareness and support the rare and native herds.

Additional information is available at the following websites:

Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Livestock Conservancy


Fiber Discounts*

Purchase 10 fiber items and receive 5% off each.
Purchase 15 fiber items and receive 10% off each.
Purchase 24 fiber items and receive 15% off each. 

 *Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued, specials or sales. 

If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.