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Fustic Liquid Extract

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SKU: HUE-2014


Fustic Liquid, 2 oz., gives bright gold to moss color. 1 - 4 tsp. per pound

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Fustic (Chlorophora tinctoriais a tall tropical hardwood that grows wild throughout Central America, Mexico, the West Indies and Brazil. Fustic is high in tannic acid, which makes it a perfect cotton dye. It will also color silk and wool to luscious shades of burnt gold.

Fustic dyes the clearest yellows with an alum mordant, and provides a good base for other colors: overdyed with indigo to yield forest greens and blue-greens; combined with madder and cochineal to make oranges; and mixed with logwood to produce olive greens. 

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