Dyeing Accessories

  • pH Indicator Test Strips

    These strips are used to measure the pH of a dye b
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  • Creative Color Wheel

    Designed using the principles of Color Theory, thi
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  • Retayne

    Retayne - Color Fixative for Fabric A fixative us
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  • Squeeze Bottle

    A must have for every dye enthusiast. These 8oz. a
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  • Industrial Nitrile Gloves

    These nitrile gloves (one pair) are an ideal alter
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  • Color Wheel

    The ideal tool for your next project. Simply selec
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  • Grey Dye Spoon Set

    Grey Dye Spoons are high quality and last for a li
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  • Pocket Guide to Mixing Color

    A folding version of our popular Color Wheel.
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  • Rosie's Dye Spoon Set

    These high quality stainless steel measuring spoon
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  • 3M Dust Mask

    For use when working with dyes and mordants. De

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Dyeing Accessories

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