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Kumihimo, Braiding, and Lucet Books 

Ready to dive into the craft of braiding, but not sure what the differences are within our Kumihimo, braiding, and Lucet book selection? Let’s break it down!

Kumihimo – Translating directly to “gathered threads” in Japanese, this traditional method of making braids and cords with special looms called marudai or takadai. Underneath the Kumihimo umbrella are other methods of braiding that produce a flat, belt-like braid or a more rounded style similar to rope. Kumihimo is very popular with jewelry makers who wish to weave beads to create necklaces, bracelets, and more!

Braiding – The art of braiding includes anything that is made by looping, knotting, weaving, or twisting yarn or threads together. Many of these techniques require little to no equipment besides the yarn itself. In 200 Braids to Twist, Loom, Knot, or Weave there are practically no limits to what you can achieve with a few simple materials. These braids can be used to embellish other handcrafted items or be used on their own!

Lucet – This technique is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval time periods. This method uses a wooden tool, shaped much like a two-pronged fork that creates a very strong, square shaped cord. Lucet braiding is unique in that it will not unravel if it is cut and unlike kumihimo, lucet braids can be made without pre-measuring your threads making this technique suitable for very long cord. 

Which method you choose to learn will depend on the use of the cord you’re making and a certain level of interest. No matter which you choose to begin with, The Woolery has a great book selection to help you on your braiding journey!

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