Fiber Animal Books

Fiber Animal Books

Go straight to the source when it comes to fiber art – the fiber! If you really want to get to the heart of where fiber art begins, then these are the books for you. The Woolery’s selection of fiber animal books seeks to educate about the animals we source fiber from. 

The most common animal we think of getting fiber from are sheep, but there are many more animals that we can use fiber from. Here you’ll find books that explore silk production as well as diving into muskox and their qiviut fleece. 

Our selection of fiber animal books also provides an excellent resource for information on raising animals for their fiber. Keeping Sheep and Other Fiber Animals provide you with an all-encompassing guide of the basics of raising fiber animals. 

If you’re not interested in actively raising fiber animals, but are interested in the industry, we carry books like In Search of Wild Silk and Adventures in Yarn Farming that detail the ins and outs of how other people are raising and processing fiber across the globe. So whether you’re wanting to pursue fiber farming, or just learn about how different animal fibers are raised and processed around the world, The Woolery’s collection of fiber animal books will have something to suit your needs!

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