Color and Color Theory Books

Color and Color Theory Books

Color theory is the combination of the science and art of using color. This includes how we perceive color and how certain colors behave when paired or mixed together. There are fundamental foundations of how colors can be used together, but there is a freedom to explore and test the boundaries of these traditional ‘rules’.

There are three properties of color: hue, value, and intensity. Hue refers to the color itself and what our eyes perceive. Value describes the hue as this is the lightness or darkness of a certain color. Intensity is just that: the purity or richness of a color. Intensity can also be referred to as the saturation of a color.

In the fiber arts, color theory is a cornerstone across multiple crafts. It’s particularly useful when planning weaving projects. For more information visit our blog post all about color and fiber.

The Woolery’s selection of color and color theory books will prove to be a valuable asset in your crafting toolkit to reference back to when in need of guidance or inspiration.

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