It's Almost Time For The  12 Fiber Gifts of Christmas!

It's Almost Time For The 12 Fiber Gifts of Christmas!

Posted by Emily on Oct 8th 2020

The 12 Fiber Gifts of Christmas

We're so excited that next week starts off our annual 12 Fiber Gifts of Christmas promotion for 2020! We know it's October but we have to start early to pack in all of the fun festive surprises we have in store for you! 

If you've been a member of The Woolery Fiber Flock for a while then you probably know the drill by now, but if you're new to shopping with us then let us tell you all about the Fiber Gifts! Each week we have an item on sale at a special discount for that week only. In addition to the sale we also run a raffle that you can enter to win the Fiber Gift of the week for free!  Some of the items will have limited availability so it's important to remember to shop early if you don't want to miss out on something. 

We will be featuring brand new products we've never carried before for some of our Fiber Gifts this year so watch out for some exciting new kits and notions! We are also planning some extra special blogs that will feature free project ideas using some of the materials that will be on sale as a Fiber Gift. 

We keep each Fiber Gift of the week a big secret until the day the sale starts but if you want to get a sneak peek make sure you Subscribe The Woolery's YouTube Channel. Each week we do an unboxing video where we reveal what the Fiber Gift item and discount are going to be so you can shop prepared the next day! 

We thought we'd share some of our favorite Fiber Gifts from year's past to give you an idea of the types of items you can expect to see in this year's sale! 

Going Gnome Felting Kit St. Nick

We love this Saint Nicholas Felting Kit from Going Gnome! Going Gnome kits are some of our favorite felting kits because they are so whimsical and fun! This was the first Fiber Gift of 2017. 

Galina Snowflake Spindle

We love all of the Galina hand painted spindles we carry, but this Snowflakes one holds a special place in our heart. This was an extra special one because the hand painted design was made just for us for the 7th Fiber Gift of 2018. 

Yarn is pretty much a must have on our annual list of Fiber Gifts. Last year we gave you a great deal on our Bluegrass Mills Hemp Yarn

Merino Silk Stripes

It's a pretty safe bet to expect that we'll have some special fiber as one of our deals, in 2017 we featured our Merino Silk Stripes

Another type of kit we like to include in our annual line up is something that can be a fun craft for kids! In 2018 we introduced this adorable little Casa Marengo Ornament Kit, which comes with everything you need to make some special handmade ornaments. 


For the past couple years we have been picking a selection of books as the final Fiber Gift of the season. You'll have to keep your eye on our email newsletter because we may or may not be planning to do this again this year! 

Make sure you sign up for our email newsletters before October 16th, when the special deal of the week will be sent out. We will also post about the Fiber Gift of the week on our Facebook and Instagram!