• Beka Inkle Loom

    BEKA Inkle Loom The Beka Inkle Loom is based
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  • Beka Fold & Go Rigid Heddles

    Extra heddles for the Beka Fold & Go Rigid Hed
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  • Beka Fold & Go Loom Floor Stand

    Floor stand for the Beka Fold & Go Rigid Heddl
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  • Beka Fold & Go Loom

    The new Beka Fold & Go Rigid Heddle Loom&
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  • Warping Clamp

    These made in the USA, natural hardwood Warping Cl
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  • Beka Pick-Up Sticks

    A pick up stick is typically used with a rigid hed
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  • Beka Belt / Inkle Stick Shuttle

    Belt / Inkle shuttle is similar to a stick shuttle
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  • Beka Rigid Heddle Loom

    $154.99 - $174.99
    These looms are good beginner rigid heddle looms,
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  • Beka Warping Board

    $74.99 - $89.99
    Beka Warping Board Warping Boards are typically s
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  • Beka Weaving Frame

    $23.99 - $44.99
    The BEKA Weaving Frame is designed to offer a basi
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