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Texsolv Heddles


SKU: xxx12175


Texsolv Heddles, qty. 100. Available in 7 sizes. Starting price is shown. Select for more pricing and information.
Price From: $18.25

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Texsolv Heddles are made of polyester.  Sold in bundles of 100.  These heddles are available in a number of lengths, and we are listing the most popular.  For others, please call.

If you are not sure of the size for your loom you will need to measure.  Determine the distance from the top of the heddle bar on the shaft/harness to the bottom of the bottom bar.

  • 5 7/8 inch fits old Lou Tate looms
  • 8 inch fits Louet table looms and Glimakra Victoria
  • 8 5/8 inch fits Ashford Table Looms
  • 9 3/8 inch fits Schacht Baby and Mighty Wolf, Leclerc Dorothy Looms & Glimakra Julia
  • 10 1/2 inch fits Leclerc medium looms and Schacht, Harrisville, Norwood and Ashford Floor Looms
  • 11 inch fits Glimakra Ideal, Glimakra Standard Looms, Regina and Toika
  • 12 7/8 inch fits the Schacht Cranbrook. Leclerc Nilus and Colonial and the Louet Delta

NOTE: 12 7/8" heddle has a slightly higher price.

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