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Lendrum Original

Lendrum Original

Lendrum Original Spinning WheelOriginal Lendrum Spinning Wheel


Complete Packages in Stock!
See comparison of all folding wheels

Versatile and very portable. It folds almost flat for traveling and is easily unfolded and reset for spinning.

-Tensioned Lazy Kate
-Drive Band
-Four bobbins

-Wheel diameter is 19"
-Orifice size is 7/16"
-Ratios are 6:1; 8:1 & 10:1

It is also available as a "complete" wheel which includes the above plus the jumbo plying head with large orifice (15/16"), plying drive band, one large bobbin (ratios: 5:1; 7:1, & 9:1) and the fast flyer (ratios: 12:1; 15:1; & 17:1).

We sell all Lendrum Spinning Wheels with Free Shipping within Continental U.S. 
$25 Gift Certificate - to use as you wish on a future order*
Free Mini Beginners Spinning Kit ($25.00 value).

*Cannot be used to discount the wheel.

Available Options: Extra bobbins (regular, large, very fast), fast flyer (see ratios above), very fast flyer with head and bobbin (ratios: 26:1, 30:1, 36:1, & 44:1), jumbo ply head with flyer and bobbin (see ratios above), quill head (ratios: 6:1, 25:1, and 37:1).

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)