Fiber Arts Help and Advice

We have put together a page of most of our resource material. If you have any suggestions for future material and videos, please email us at info@woolery.com.

About Dobby Floor Looms

Artfelt Instructions

Basic Instruction for Acid Dye

Basic Instructions for Cushing Dyes

Blending Boards

Choosing a Boat Shuttle

Frequently Asked Questions About the Woolery

Folding Spinning Wheels


Felting a Hat using an Inflatable Ball

Ginger Scissors Sharpening and Repair Service

How to Knit a KidsKnit Hat using a Circular Loom

How to Use English Combs

How to Use Temples

How to Use Viking & Wool Combs

How to Use a Niddy Noddy

How to Use a Nostepinne

How to Wash and Prepare Fleece

How to Wash Wool 

How to Wind "Slippery" Yarn on a Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder

Hybrid Double Drive Set-Up - How to do it.

Important Notice About Dyes, Mordants and Seeds

Instructions to Scour Cotton

Loom Reed Size & Reed Substitutions

Natural Dye Plants & Mordants

Needle Felting General Information

Needle Felting Tools

Orifice Height - Is It Important?

Rigid Heddle Looms

Rug Hooking Information

Rug Hooking Backings

Setting Drive Band Tension on a Single Drive Wheel

Selecting a Loom

Selecting a Spinning Wheel and Other Information

Single Drive vs Double Drive Wheels - What's the difference?

Sizing and Replacing a Drive Band

Speed, Ratios - What they mean when you spin.

Spinning Wheels

Tapestry Looms

Types of Spinning Wheels - Examples

Spinning Wheel Maintenance

Using a Smaller Whorl - What Happens?


Weaving Looms

Yarn Information

Yarn Weights Helpful Explanation