Warping and Threading Tools

  • Kromski Warp Sticks

    kr150,03 - kr264,75
    A simple weaving tool but one that is sure to give
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  • Rosie's Warping Helping Hand

    Attaches to any floor loom to aid in the warping p
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  • Kromski Heddle Hook

    Great tool for warping your rigid heddle loom.
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  • Glimakra Warp Sticks

    kr198,56 - kr264,75
    Made of wood, these are much easier to use than he
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  • Ashford Warp Thread Weights

    A must have accessory for any weaver. Use these ha
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  • Yarn Meter II

    This new generation 2 version substantially increa
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  • Louet Vertical Warping Mill

    The Louet Vertical Warping Mills makes warping a d
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  • Schacht Raddle

    kr1.014,88 - kr1.314,93
    Schacht Raddle for the Arras, Wolf Pup, Baby
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Warping and Threading Tools

Any rigid heddle loom, table loom or floor loom requires warping, the purpose of which is to measure your warp threads and align them so that they do not get tangled and can be easily threaded on the loom. Warping pegs handle very short or narrow warps; warping boards, warping mills - warping reels have a larger capacity.

With a floor loom, you have two options for warping:

  • use a board (or mill) and a raddle, or
  • opt for a sectional warp beam which allows you to warp by yourself, one section at at time, but you then will need other tools such as a tension box, yarn counter, bobbin rack and spools.

Most beginners start with a warping board and raddle. For information about sectional warp beams, see our pages for each loom manufacturer. 


If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a warping or threading product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.