Reeds / Heddles / Raddles

Reeds Heddles Raddles

Reeds: A reed is used to evenly space warp threads according to EPI (ends per inch) needed in a weaving draft and to help push or ‘beat’ the weft threads in place. In most floor and table looms, the reed is secured within the beater bar. The wires and slots in the reed are called ‘dents’ and reeds are measured by the number of dents per inch. Common sizes include 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 dents per inch.

Heddles: Each warp thread will pass through a heddle found on certain shafts on a loom. The heddles are what help create the pattern as they separate the threads in a way that allows different treadle sequences to create a shed for the weft.

There are 5 types of heddles: flat steel, wire, inserted eye wire (which is better for fragile and hairy yarns), polyester Texsolv, and rigid heddles (made specifically for rigid heddle looms).

If you are not sure of the size for your loom, you need to measure. Determine the distance from the top of the heddle bar on the shaft/harness to the bottom of the bottom bar. Be sure to measure correctly, and then select order by product code. They are available in a number of lengths and we are listing the most popular. For others, please call. All are sold in bundles of 100. 

Raddles: Raddles are used to help warp a loom from back to front. Warp threads become evenly spaced and remain the correct width of the fabric and keep the warp thread parallel and under even tension as they are wound onto the back beam.

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