Using a Nostepinne

“Nostepinne” or “nostepinde” is a Scandinavian word that means “nest-stick.”; the original Ball Winder. It is a tool used to wind a center-pull yarn ball. A nostepinne is portable, easy to use, and creates a center-pull ball that can be used without changing the twist in the yarn.


It is much easier to show you than to explain in words how to use a nostepinne. Please watch this video.
Watch this helpful video from Kromski - New Voyager!

   ....or you can follow these written instructions......

Nostepinne Instructions

Step 1:
 Begin by looping some yarn around the top of the handle. This is your inside end of your yarn package and you want to keep track of it. Most people will use this end to take yarn from the finished package.

Optional method: you can attach your yarn at the end of the nostepinne in the grove that is provided. Just wrap in the grove once or twice then put an up-side-down loop in the yarn to help secure it.

Step 2: From the handle or the end take the yarn down to the middle of the nostepinne and begin to wrap the core by making consecutive wraps side-by-side along 1.5 inches of the shaft. Now you are ready to work. (Pictures below show from the handle down; adjust if your bring your yarn in from the end.)

Step 3
Most likely you will be holding the nostepinne in your off-hand and working the yarn in your strong hand. What ever feels best will be what works for you.
At the end of your last wrap in Step 2 take the yarn diagonally back towards the other end, (you have created half of an "X" across the consecutive wraps made in Step 2); now come around the shaft with a half wrap at this end and take the yarn back up to the other end, making the second cross of the "X." Now repeat, by coming around the shaft with another half wrap at this end and take the yarn back to the other end.
If you continue this the process (go ahead, try it) 8-10 time you will see that you are making an "X" pattern on the nostepinne, one on top of the last. If you can imaging sliding the nostepinne out from this pattern you would actually have a "figure 8" looking bundle of yarn. But you do not want this; you want an evenly constructed yarn package.

Step 4: So do this; remove the last 8-10 wraps noted just above and start over, this time rotating the nostepinne in your hand a small amount as you do the "X" pattern . Now you will have a series of "X's" with each one slightly offset from the previous one. You can see this in the above picture. Continue to make a small package.

Step 5: To make the yarn package grow properly you need to add additional wraps and extend the length of the wrap. As you make the half wrap (maybe after each 3-4 cycles) place the yarn on the wood of the nostepinne at both ends of the developing package. This will allow the package to grow lengthwise. As the package gets fatter you can adjust this step to make the yarn package the shape you want. When done, slide the package off the nostepinne, keeping track of the center pull end.
The wrapping motion will feel awkward at first but if you will stay with it your hands will develop a mind of their own and the speed of motion will increase. Play with how you put the yarn on the developing package. In the end, when you have mastered the process, you will have a nice pull skein of yarn. Even if you are not good with the inside of the package, slow down at the end so the last wraps are as even as possible. This will hold everything together if you use the center pull to take off yarn.
Be creative. Variations of the above is OK. There are no hard and fast rules.