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Used Weaving Equipment

Used Weaving Equipment for Sale

The Woolery offers this service to our customers as a way to help facilitate the selling & purchasing of used fiber equipment. Things usually sell pretty quick, so keep checking back.

The Woolery web site is a high traffic site for fiber enthusiasts worldwide. Listing your used equipment with is us very simple. There is a $10.00 listing fee to put the information on our site. All you have to do is send an email to with the following information: 
  • A picture of your item you wish to sell
  • A short description of your item
  • If you want to ship the item or if it is local pick up only
  • Payment methods you accept
  • Price of the item
  • Your contact information

We will format your listing for our website and email you back with any changes we may need to make for your approval. Once the listing is agreed upon we will contact you to collect the fee. Your item will stay listed on the website until it sells or for one year. Personal contact information will not be listed on the website.  There are some items we cannot list, if your item falls into that catagory we will let you know when you email us.  

To purchase an used item contact the shop either via email,, or call us at 800-441-9665. We will connect you with the seller so that you can work out the details of the transaction.  


36" Leclerc Artisat Loom 

Four harness, six treadle jack loom that folds for easier storage.  Wire heddles included.   

Price - $600.00 Cash or Paypal 

Local Pick Up near Lexington, KY

Listing number: 272890

Used Leclerc Nilus Four Harness Loom
Leclerc Nilus Four Harness Loom
This four harness, six treadle jack loom comes with a 12 dent reed, wire heddles, lease sticks, open ended weaving bench, warping board, and aproximately $100.00 in other weaving accessories.  The weaving width on this loom is 36".
Price: $1200 Cash Only
Pick up near Paris, KY only.
Listing number: 259702


Used Schacht Table Loom
Schacht Table Loom
This 8 harness table loom is like new and has never been used.  It comes with two reeds: an 8 dent and a 10 dent. 

Price: $800 Certified Check 
Local pick up near Harrisburg, Pa or delivery within 50 mile radius
Listing Number: 267456
Used Eight Harness Edwards & Tilford Countermarch Loom
Eight Harness Edwards & Tilford Countermarch Loom 
78" weaving width loom is a one of a kind built in 1984.  It is manufactured from cherry and brass and is autographed.  The loom has 8 harnesses, 12 treadles with treadle locks, brass worm gears for the front warp beam and both back warp beams with pinch brakes.

The loom includes the assembly insructions, 6 reeds, 2 lease rods, 17 raddles, plus 70+ other pieces of weaving equipment. 

Price: $9000.00
Local pick up only near Denver, Colorado. 
Listing Number: 253464
Used Eight Harness Edwards & Tilford Countermarch Loom
Used 100cm Glimakra Countermarch Loom
100cm Glimakra Countermarch Loom
This older Glimakra loom is intact, but does need some rehab to make it work perfectly.  This is a very solid loom.   

Price: $1000 Cash, Cashier's Check, or Money Order.
Local pick up up near Gig Harbor, WA or shipment at buyers expense
Listing Number: 267455
Table Loom
Four harness table loom in good condition.  The loom has a 15 inch weaving width and was purchased in the 1980s.  

Price: $250.00 Cash, Money Order, 
or Cashier's Check
Local pick up up near Arcanum, OH 
Listing Number: 272899
Used Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom
Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom
15 3/4" weaving width with eight harnesses.  The loom comes with two reeds (8 and 10 dent), and a stand. 

Price: $500 Cash, Certified Check, or Paypal
Local pick up up near Las Vegas, NV
Listing Number: 263599B
Used Leclerc Dorothy Table Loom
Toika Countermarch Loom
A beautiful, solid birch countermarch floor loom made by Toika, Toijala, Finland, gently used and then stored for many years. There are 4 harnesses, 6 foot treadles, 16 lamms,1 raddle, 2 reeds (3 dents per cm and 4 dents per cm), 18 wooden harness bars, 4 lease sticks, assorted dowels. All parts are in excellent condition.
Included with the loom are wire heddles, 3 shuttles (2 larger, 1 smaller size), a bobbin winder, a large warping board, a wooden swift,  and the original instruction booklet. Weaving width is 31inches (79 cm). 

Price: $3000 Cash or Certified Check
Local pick up up near Vineyard Haven, MA or shipping at buyer's expense. 
Listing Number: 272883
Used Leclerc Colonial 1 Jack Type
Leclerc Colonial 1 Jack Type

This gently used four harness, six treadle loom has a 60" weaving width and was purchased in 1992.  Includes 1 crank, 1 reed, 4 warp rods, 2 lease sticks, 2 boat shuttles, threading hook, 6 treadle hooks, 23 spools, 12 bobbins, counter, tension box, spool rack, carpet warp, bench, and books.  

The buyer is to pick up and disassemble.  Extra pictures available upon request. 

Price: $2100 Cash, Money Order, or Cashier's check
Local pick only in Missouri
Listing Number: 254579
Used Leclerc Colonial 1 Jack Type
Used Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom
Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom 

This loom is one year old and is in perfect condition.  It is 36" wide and 20" deep.  The loom was modified by Leclerc to have a firm piece holding the reed.  Loom includes two stainless steel reeds, 8 dent and 10 dent, and the loom manual. 

Price: $1000
Local pick up near Rochester, NY or shipping at buyer's expense. 
Listing Number: 242625
Used 63" Glimakra Floor Loom
63" Glimakra Floor Loom 

10 harness countermarch Glimakra floor loom comes for sale as is, unassembled.  It has been stored in a climate controlled area and was only used for one year before it was put in storage.  The loom comes with the bench.  More pictures upon request.

Price: $4500 OBO, Paypal prefered
Local pick up near Baltimore, MD or shipping at buyers expense
Listing Number: 242624
Used 63" Glimakra Floor Loom
Leclerc 16 Shaft Diana Compu Dobby 

This loom has a 24" weaving width and 16 harnesses.  It comes with the sectional warp beam, has a double back beam, wide eye heddles, and comes with the stand.     

Price: $2000 Cash or Ceritified Check 
Local pick up near Peoria, Illinois
Listing Number: 272881
Used Harrisville Harness Loom
Harrisville 22" Four Harness Loom 

4 harness, 4 treadle floor loom has a 22" weaving width and comes from a smoke free home.  The loom is a 1974 model and had new harness cables in 2011.  Included with the loom are the tool tray, Leclerc warping frame, two boat shuttles, four bobbins, two stick shuttles, denting hook, and additional steel heddles.   

Price: $800 Cash or Cashiers Check
Local pick up near Rochester, NY
Listing Number: 268617 
Used Harrisville Harness Loom
54" Glimakra Countermarch Loom 

10 harness, 12 treadle floor loom has a 54" weaving width.  Included with the loom are two reeds, raddle, lease sticks, warping sticks, bench.  The loom is in very good condition and it is a bit over 30 years old.   

Price: $2750 Cash, Cashiers Check, or Money Order
Local pick up near Denver, CO
Listing Number: 262974
16" Norwood Cherry Folding Loom

16" cherry Norwood folding loom includes the bench and texsolv heddles.  The loom folds easily and the bench opens for storage or to sit at an angle for comfort. 

Local pick up near Boise, Idaho or shipping at buyer's expense
Listing Number: 262977
Used Macomber Type B Folding Loom
Macomber Type B Folding Loom

56" weaving width, rising shed loom includes 4 harnesses and 6 treadles.  Up to 10 additional harnesses can be added to the loom through the manufacturer.  The loom includes 15 dent reed, sectional beam, tensioner with thread guide, spool rack, and other weaving tools. 

Price: $1400 Cash 
Local pick up near Cleveland, OH
Listing Number: 262965
Used Norwood Cherry Loom
Norwood Cherry Loom

40" weaving width loom has 8 harnesses, 10 treadles, Toika computer dobby box, and a small Acer Laptop.  Also included are a variety of reeds, lease sticks, shuttles, raddle, heddles, weaving books and magazines. 

Price: $2,800.00
Local pick up near Springfiled, MA
Listing Number: 262968