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Used Weaving Equipment

Used Weaving Equipment for Sale

The Woolery offers this service to our customers as a way to help facilitate the selling & purchasing of used fiber equipment. Things usually sell pretty quick, so keep checking back.

The Woolery web site is a high traffic site for fiber enthusiasts worldwide. Listing your used equipment with is us very simple. There is a $10.00 listing fee to put the information on our site. All you have to do is send an email to with the following information: 
  • A picture of your item you wish to sell
  • A short description of your item
  • If you want to ship the item or if it is local pick up only
  • Payment methods you accept
  • Price of the item
  • Your contact information

We will format your listing for our website and email you back with any changes we may need to make for your approval. Once the listing is agreed upon we will contact you to collect the fee. Your item will stay listed on the website until it sells or for one year. Personal contact information will not be listed on the website.  There are some items we cannot list, if your item falls into that catagory we will let you know when you email us.  

To purchase an used item contact the shop either via email,, or call us at 800-441-9665. We will connect you with the seller so that you can work out the details of the transaction.  

Used 36" Four Harness Counterbalance Loom

36" Four Harness Counterbalance Loom

Four harness, 6 treadle counterbalance loom is made primarly from oak.  The weaving width on this loom is 36" wide. The loom was made in Lancaster County, PA in the 1940's and it is one of a kind.  

Price - $500 

Local pick up near Monroe, OH

Listing number: 238564

Used 36" Four Harness Counterbalance Loom

Used Jack Loom


Jack Loom 

Four harness, six treadle jack loom with a sectional beam and owners manual. Bench with storage is included.   

Price - $600.00 Cash or Money Order

Local Pick Up in south west Colorado

Listing number: 235673

Schacht Mighty Wolf Loom
4 now 4 later loom comes with four harnesses and the ability to add four on later. It comes with the high castle tray.  The weaving with on this loom is 36".
Price: $2000 Cash Only
Pick Up in Louisville, KY area.
Listing number: 219636


Used Leclerc Jack Floor Loom
Leclerc Jack Floor Loom
45", 4 harness Leclerc loom comes with a removable sectional beam, maple weaving bench with lift up storage, warping board, 2 stainless steel reeds, rug wool, and all the equipment needed for sectional weaving.  That includes the spool rack, tension box, spacers and guides, and empty cardboard spools. 
Price: $1400
Pick Up in Deer, AR area.
Listing number: 221825


Used Leclerc Jack Floor Loom
Used Cranbrook Countermarche Floor Loom
Cranbrook Countermarche Floor Loom

Cranbrook Countermarche floor loom with bench.  48” weaving width with 8 harnesses and 10 treadles.  There is an 8 and 12 dent reed, lease sticks, warping sticks, 3 shuttles, and metal temple.  This loom is in really good condition.

Price: $2800 - Cash 
Local pick up in Killingworth, CT
Listing Number: 231830
Used Adjustable Triangle Loom
Adjustable Triangle Loom
Handmade triangle loom and stand. The loom can be set up in 7', 5', or 3' widths. 

Price: $225
Local pick up only near Chattanooga, TN
Listing Number: 226809
Used Glimakra Countermarch Loom
Glimakra Countermarch Loom
63" Weaving Width, 8 Harness, 10 Treadles, 2 reeds, bench, and other accessories  

Price: $3000
Local pick up only near Auburn, NY
More pictures upon request
Listing Number: xxx203b
Used Glimakra Countermarch Loom
Used Leclerc Artisat IV Loom
Leclerc Artisat IV Loom
36" weaving width, 4 harnesses, 6 treadles, jack style loom with 1000 wire heddles.  The back beam folds up to save space when the loom is not in use.  Loom is made of maple and red birch.  comes with 12 dent reed, 3 lease sticks, and original
 manual.  Loom has seen minimal use.  
Price: $800 Cash
Local pick up only in central KY
Listing Number: 223050
Used 10' AVL Rug Loom
10' AVL Rug Loom
AVL rug loom in excellent condition with 16 harnesses, air powered shed, sliding beater, dobby system, sectional beam, 10 dent reed.  The loom comes with a tension box, counter, cone rack, bobbin winder, shuttles, and a generous supply of poly-cotton rug warp and Pendelton wool mill ends.  

Price: $9000 Cash or Paypal
Local pick up up near Seattle, WA 
Listing Number: 244248
Used Kyra Cherry Floor Loom
Kyra Cherry Floor Loom
Kyra solid cherry floor loom has a 45" weaving width and is an eight harness jack style loom. This package includes a stool, shuttle, bobbins, and reeds.  

Price: $750 Cash, Paypal, or Money Order
Local pick up up near Chatham, NY or shipping at buyer's expense
Listing Number: 224818
Used Leclerc Nilus 60"
Leclerc Nilus 60"
This four harness, six treadle Leclerc Nilus jack loom comes with a fly shuttle beater attachment, fly shuttle and pirns, Leclerc 50 yard warping mill, and a custom solid wood weaving bench with under the seat storage.  The loom is in great condition and has texsolv tie ups, metal heddles, 12 dent reed, 15 dent reed and original beater bar.  This is an ideal set up for someone who wants to get into production weaving.  

Price: $4000 OBO Cash, Paypal, Certified Check, or Money Order
Local pick up up near Somerset, KY or can deliver to areas near Somerset, KY
Listing Number: 224700
Used Louet Delta Floor Loom
Louet Delta Floor Loom
This 12 harness loom has a 51" weaving width and comes with 5 reeds, a reed stand, bench, and warping sticks.  

Price: $4000 Credit Card, Paypal, Bitcoin, or Cash. 
Local pick up near Front Royal, VA
Listing Number: 230527
Used Artistat Nilus Leclerc Loom
Artistat Nilus Leclerc Loom 

This four harness jack loom has a 36" weaving width.  The loom comes with two reeds, several cones of cotton yarn, and various other accessories.  It comes with everything you need to weave except a warping board.  There is minor staining on the apron, the rest of the loom is in good shape. 

Price: $600 Cash, Credit/Debit Card,  or Paypal
Local pick up near Jackson, KY
Listing Number: 229521
Used Ashford Eight Harness Table Loom
24" Eight Harness Table Loom 

This 24" weaving width Ashford table loom is in like new condition, only used four times.  Includes home made warping board, spindle for cones, raddle, and all instruction manuals and accessories that came with the loom.  

Price: $900
Local pick up near Dallas, GA or shipping at buyer's expense. 
Listing Number: 242623
Used Ashford Eight Harness Table Loom
Used Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom
Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry Loom 

This loom is one year old and is in perfect condition.  It is 36" wide and 20" deep.  The loom was modified by Leclerc to have a firm piece holding the reed.  Loom includes two stainless steel reeds, 8 dent and 10 dent, and the loom manual. 

Price: $1000
Local pick up near Rochester, NY or shipping at buyer's expense. 
Listing Number: 242625
Schacht Wolf Pup LT 

This four harness, six treadle floor loom has a weaving width of 18".  The loom comes with the Wolf Pup Trap, 300 inserted eye heddles, and 4 reeds (6, 8, 10, and 15 dent). 

Price: $1,100 Cash or Paypal
Local pick up in Southwest Louisiana
Listing Number: 245970
Used 63" Glimakra Floor Loom
63" Glimakra Floor Loom 

10 harness countermarch Glimakra floor loom comes for sale as is, unassembled.  It has been stored in a climate controlled area and was only used for one year before it was put in storage.  The loom comes with the bench.  More pictures upon request.

Price: $4500 OBO, Paypal prefered
Local pick up near Baltimore, MD or shipping at buyers expense
Listing Number: 242624
Used 63" Glimakra Floor Loom