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Strauch Skeinwinder

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SKU: xxx12027


Strauch Skeinwinders. Floor, Table, or Combo models. These handcrafted Umbrella Swifts are designed to function as both a Swift and a Skein-winder. Skein circumference is adjustable from 1-2 yards. The adjusting ring, locks the setting in place. The winding handle makes it easy to wind onto the Skein-winder. Available in four woods.
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Product Details:

Strauch Skeinwinder

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These versatile swifts can now be used as a table or floor model.  They include an umbrella section and either floor and table bases or with the combo you get both!  When used as a floor model, the swift is 42 inches high; used as a table model, it is 27 inches tall.  The skein circumference is adjustable from 1 to 2 yards.  A handle on top makes for easy turning.  Each swift is treated with a penetrating oil finish and needs only to be occasionally cleaned with liquid lemon oil and furniture polish. 

Available in Birch, Oak, Walnut and Cherry.

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