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Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

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Cricket Loom

SKU: xxx11985


This compact little loom is great for children or for anyone who wants to weave scarves or other projects 10" or 15" wide. Starting price shown. Select size for more pricing.
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Product Details:

Schacht Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

The Cricket Loom is compact, capable and cute! The 10 inch loom - at only 11" x 18" x 6" and just under four pounds, it's easy to take along. The ten inch weaving width gives plenty of room to make a variety of projects without sacrificing portability. The 15" model is just like the 10" with a weaving width of 15".

The Cricket is made of high quality maple and apple plywood and comes unfinished. 

Included Accessories

  • 8-dent reed
  • threading hook
  • warping peg
  • table clamps
  • two shuttles
  • two balls of yarn for your first project
Overall Dimensions
Model Weaving Width Actual Loom Width Actual Loom Depth
10" 10" 14" 18"
15" 15" 18" 18"

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Product Reviews

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10" Cricket loom Review by Janet
I purchased this loom a few years ago. It would be my first loom, and my first try at weaving. I like that it is made in America, and that Schacht products were highly recommended. It was easy to put together, and the directions for warping and weaving were clear and easy to follow. Nowadays there are so many videos to help you learn too. The loom is well constructed and sturdy. After years of use, I still find the tension is good and doesn't slip. It's great for making scarves, too narrow for placemats and towels but fine for runners. Or if you want to make something wider, you can always sew two panels together. I love this little loom. I can sit on a recliner with the loom settled on my thighs and weave while watching tv. And it's a good size for making samples of larger projects to see how the yarn will work out, and to test out pickup stick patterns, which is what I'm doing now. I'd highly recommend it. (Posted on 1/13/2017)
Great Buy Review by Deborah
I've had my loom for less than a month and have already made 11 scarves, plus my practice pieces. I am loving this. This is an awesome beginner loom. I'm already looking at the floor looms. (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Just ordered the 15" Review by Deborah
After everything I've read about this, I ordered one. Can't wait to get it and start using it. (Posted on 10/8/2016)

3 Item(s)

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