• Schacht Tensioned Lazy Kate

    This is the same Lazy Kate included with the Schac
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  • Schacht Wolf Pup 8.10 Stroller

    The Stroller makes moving your loom around easy. W
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  • Schacht Bulky Bobbin - Maple

    The Bulky Bobbin has double the capacity
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  • Schacht FlatIron Drive Band

    Replacement poly drive band for the Schacht F
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  • Schacht Cricket Loom Stand

    This knitting loom stand is a great way to ho
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  • Schacht Niddy Noddy - Cherry

    The first thing you'll notice about the Schacht Ni
  • Schacht Matchless Footman Assembly

    MSRP: $88.20
    Was: $88.20
    Now: $49.90
    Replacement maple footman assembly for the Schacht
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  • Schacht High Speed Bobbin - Maple

    Provide ratios of 17.5 and 19.5:1. Fits the Schach
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  • Schacht Spool Rack

    The spool rack is essential for sectional warping.
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