• Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

    $2,272.00 - $3,510.00
    The Schacht Baby Wolf Loom is the most versatile s
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  • Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift with Counter

    The Ultra Umbrella Swift is ingeniously designed t
  • Schacht Horizontal Warping Mill

    Warping mills are ideal for long warps. Instead of
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  • Schacht Yardage Counter

    Yardage counters are useful tools for those who wa
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  • Schacht Sidekick Whorl Knob

    Replacement Sidekick whorl knob attaches an extra
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  • Schacht Standard Floor Loom - 45"

    $5,053.00 - $6,149.00
    All Schacht Standard Floor Looms may be ordered wi
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  • Schacht Matchless Yoke Cotter Pin

    Yoke cotter pin for the footman of a Schacht Match
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