Punch Needle

Punch needle is a specific type of embroidery where a hollow needle is punched into a piece of fabric repeatedly to create loops that are held together by tension. 

Sometimes called Russian Punch Embroidery, Needle Punch, Punch Needle Embroidery or simply Punch.

Whatever the moniker, the basics are the same.  A hollow needle is threaded with a strand (thread, floss, yarn, etc.) and then “punched” through from the backside of a foundation cloth in order to produce a loop (“pile”) on the front side of the foundation cloth.

For product classification purposes, we use the term “punch needle” to denote the use of smaller gauge needles and embroidery floss.  Larger gauge needles that utilize yarn are classified under “rug punch.”

Here at The Woolery, we have a wide range of options for punch needle embroidery patterns.

Choose from our selection of modern punch needle kits, patterns, tools and supplies. 

What You Need to Punch Needle

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