Refer a Friend Program

The following are some frequently asked questions about The Woolery’s Refer a Friend program:

1. How does this work?

Through the loyalty panel, you can share your referral link via Facebook and/or email directly a friend. You can also share it by copying and pasting the referral link in other social media platforms, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

Once your friend clicks on the referral link, they will be redirected to the store's page; where they'll have to enter their email address in a prompt to get their reward/discount code via e-mail. Your friend will need to manually copy and paste the code for it to be applied at checkout.

2. How do I (the referrer) receive my coupon?

When your friend makes a purchase with the reward/discount code; that's when the referral is considered completed. Only then you will receive an email notifying you that your friend has made a purchase with your reward/discount code, which you can find by logging into the store, clicking on the panel > Your rewards.

3. Why was my referral blocked? 

  • Order is not the customer’s first order

  • Order is placed by the Referring Customer

  • Order is placed by someone with the same name as the Referring Customer 

4. Who can I refer?

 Anyone who has never shopped with us before. 

5. What is the reward?

 $10 off a purchase of $100 or more (before taxes and shipping)

6. Can I refer more than one person?


7. Does a referral still count if the friend doesn't use the friend reward?

Yes! As long as the friend clicks through on your referral link and enters their email address, the referral will count if the friend makes a purchase! This purchase could be made without any discount codes, a different discount code (i.e. site wide promotion), or the  friend reward -- in all cases, the referral will count and you will then receive the referral advocate reward

8. If my friend cancels a first order and places a second one, will I still be eligible to receive the reward?

No, the referral only recognizes the friend’s first order; as a result if that gets canceled and a second order is placed instead, you would not be able to earn/be eligible to receive the referring customer reward.

9. Can I stack referral rewards?

Currently you can only use one coupon at checkout. Using multiple coupons is not permitted. But, you can use a coupon with a gift card at checkout.

10. Will my referral reward apply to a discounted item?


11. Can I refer a friend/use the code over the phone?