Order Problems

What Should I Do if I Have Problems with My Order?

Missing/Incorrect Items

  • Please open all boxed items to ensure that they are correct and that there are no missing or incorrect parts.
  • If a small item is "missing" - check all packing materials or the sides of the boxes as we will tape small items to the inside of a box so they are not misplaced.
  • Depending on what you ordered, there is also the possibility that not all boxes have arrived or that an item is on backorder. Also, sometimes orders include a product that will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer/distributor resulting in packages arriving on different days.
  • If you note a problem with your order - missing items, duplicate items, wrong items, etc. please contact us immediately at 800-441-9665. 
  • Incorrect items or missing parts reported after five business days from date of delivery will not be replaced.


When you receive our shipment, immediately examine the contents to determine safe arrival. You need to do this within 5 days of receiving your order; a delay beyond this time period may limit or eliminate a claim process. Protect yourself - inspect. If you note damage, you need to take the following steps:

    • Maintain all shipping boxes and materials; these may need to be examined by the shipping company and returned to the shipping company. Failure to maintain the packing materials can impact how a claim will be handled.
    • Take (7) pictures of the box(es) and damage on the item. Email the pictures along with your contact information and order number to info@woolery.com.
      • (1) photo showing the damaged item and how it was packaged inside the box 

      • (1) photo of the damaged item 

      • (1) photo of the packaging material used 

      • (1) close-up photo of the shipping label with tracking number 

      • (1) close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (round stamp on outside of box) 

      • (2) photos showing all six sides of the package (one showing top and two sides, another showing bottom and opposite sides) 

    • We will contact you via either phone or email to resolve the damage to your order as quickly as possible.
    • Incorrect items, missing parts or damage reported after five business days from date of delivery will not be replaced.