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Old Fashion Potholder Loom Kit

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SKU: HAR-0600


Metal Potholder Loom, 7 x 7 inches. Includes one bag of potholder loops (enough to make 2 potholders), 2 hooks (1 for weaving and 1 for finishing & complete instructions.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

A perfect first loom! Just like the old-fashioned ones, it is made of metal (7" x 7") and comes with one bag of cotton loops in assorted colors (enough to make 2 potholders), 2 hooks, and instructions. Extra bags of cotton loops are available in assorted or individual colors (White, Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Turquoise) and will make up two potholders.

Make colorful potholders for your home, as gifts or to sell as a fund-raiser for your school, church or club.

There’s probably someone you know who made potholders on a loom like this when they were a child. It’s one of those wonderful old fashioned inventions still popular and useful today. It’s fun, and easy to do for all ages!

This Potholder Loom is metal, not plastic! They’ve improved the peg design so the loops won’t slip off as easily while you weave.

The Potholder Loom includes:

  • Sturdy Metal Loom 7" x 7"
  • 1 Custom-sized Multicolored 100% Cotton Loops
  • 2 Hooks (1 metal for weaving, 1 plastic crochet hook for finishing)
  • Illustrated Instructions

100% Cotton Loops! Makes 2 Potholders.

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