• Leclerc Bergere Rigid Heddle Loom

    R$1.933,45 - R$2.192,00
    A small table loom for introduction to hand-weavin
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  • Leclerc Adjustable Height Bench

    This bench is recommended for use with the Compact
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  • I Weave You Weave

    I Weave You Weave Author: Robert Leclerc This is
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  • Leclerc Warping Paddle

    For warping with more than 4 ends (up to twenty th
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  • Leclerc Warp Sticks

    R$151,75 - R$213,58
    Made of wood, these are much easier to use th
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  • Leclerc Bergere Rigid Heddles

    R$179,86 - R$651,98
    Additional rigid heddles for the Leclerc Bergere R
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  • Leclerc Slim Boat Shuttle

    Beautiful slim maple boat shuttles recommended for
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