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By definition, sock yarn simply refers to yarn that has been specifically designed for knitting socks.  However, some yarns not specifically labelled as “sock yarn” can often yield wonderful results.

Things to consider when selecting a yarn for your next sock project include durability, softness and yarn weight.

Socks that will be worn with boots in the winter will need to be a bit more durable than those intended for keeping feet warm in bed at night.  Sock yarn is often a blend of fibers to impart more durability.  Superwash wool is a favorite of sock knitters as it produces socks that can be laundered in a wash machine.  A small amount of nylon is often present in sock yarns to impart additional durability.

A general rule of thumb is the softer the fiber, the less durable (abrasion resistant) the socks produced.  100% Alpaca socks may be silky soft, but they will not be as robust as a wool / alpaca blend.

The most common weights for sock knitting are fingering, sport, and DK.

A good sock yarn should have some stretch in it to make for a well-fitting sock that is comfortable to put on and wear.  For this reason, most sock yarns contain some wool. Wool typically retains its shape (stretch resistant) and imparts moisture wicking properties to socks.  In fact, wool is sometimes referred to as nature’s performance fiber.

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