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To crochet, you need a hook and yarn. Beautiful textured and raised stitches are especially easy to make in crochet. You can also crochet with fine threads to create lacy projects like doilies or even string or cord.

You start by making a slip stitch, wrapping the yarn around the hook and pulling a loop through the slip stitch. This is the basic chain stitch. A series of chains creates a foundation row and from this base you build rows of stitches.

Crocheting can use up to 30% more yarn than a similar knitting project and typically produces a heavier fabric that stretches.


Knitting has long been the favorite technique for sweater making because of the detailing and color possibilities. The two basic stitches — knit and purl — can be worked alone or together and form many other stitches.

Knitting requires two needles and a continuous strand of yarn. You begin by making a slip knot on one needle and "casting on" the number of stitches you need for the project. (That’s the term for creating the foundation row on one needle.) The basic stitches are created using both needles, wrapping the yarn over one needle and drawing the wrapped yarn through loops on the other needle.

Circular knitting needles — long, flexible needles with a point on each end — are growing in popularity because they eliminate seams and the need to continually turn your knitting at the end of a row.

The Craft Yarn Council has published and excellent reference guide:Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting

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