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Hybrid Double Drive Set-Up

If you have a double drive spinning wheel, you can make some adjustments that might make tensioning of the drive bands and control of the take-up easier and more like a single drive wheel.

Use two different types of drive bands as single loops.

  • For the drive of the flyer, use an elastic drive band. An elastic band will provide positive drive with minimal tension (easier treadling).
  • Use a traditional string drive band (cotton, hemp, etc.) from the wheel to the bobbin pulley.

Remember, for this set-up you want the flyer to rotate without slippage, but for the take-up of yarn, you need braking at the bobbin. This set-up gives you both.

To control take-up, move your mother-of-all in the usual manner to achieve the feel you want. Since the flyer drive is using an elastic band, any movement of the mother-of-all (to control take-up) has virtually no effect on the positive rotation of the flyer.

Now, in a sense, you only have to adjust the take-up; the flyer tension takes care of itself.