Woolery Weave Off Winners 2023

Jun 30th 2023

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in The Woolery Weave-Off! We always have such a fun time seeing all of your entries come in the mail, especially the ones in our new hemp category! We know that these towels will be loved by their recipients. Now it's time to show off the winning designs!

**Drafts will not be released for winning towels**


Honorable Mention - Amy Sandrin

Colors Used: Paper White, Camellia, Onyx

3rd Place - Anna Capacci

Colors Used: Heliotrope, Orchid, Grey

2nd Place - Sonja Nordahl

Colors Used: Lupine, Tulip, Paper White

1st Place - Melissa Boling

Colors Used: Paper White, Prairie Coneflower, Lupine, Blue Poppy

Rigid Heddle

3rd Place - Lauren Haynes

Colors Used: Onyx, Queen Anne's Lace, Blue Salvia, Heliotrope

2nd Place - Lynette Glass

Colors Used: Switchgrass, Aquamarine, Indigo

1st Place - Lisa Jevbratt

Colors Used: Onyx, Heliotrope, Blue Salvia


Honorable Mention - Karol Kovacovsky

Colors Used: Camellia, Tulip, Cranberry, Hyacinth, Indigo, Blue Salvia, Blue Poppy, Evergreen, Lemongrass, Prairie Coneflower, Pecan, Paper White

3rd Place - Ann Frischkorn 

Colors Used: Paper White, Onyx, Lupine, Fern, Prairie Coneflower, Tulip, Camellia 

2nd Place - Shannon Buchda 

Colors Used: Blue Poppy, Aquamarine, Fern, Switchgrass, Prairie Coneflower, Buttercup, Indigo

1st Place - Amanda Cutler

Colors Used: Camellia, Tulip, Cranberry, Buttercup, Prairie Coneflower, Dandelion, Switchgrass, Lemongrass, Evergreen, Aquamarine, Blue Poppy, Lupine, Heliotrope, Hyacinth, Orchid, Paper White, Onyx

Weave Structure

Honorable Mention - Hanna Roehrs

Colors Used: Tulip, Switchgrass, Grey, Lupine, Camellia, Paper White

3rd Place - Mary Hunter

Colors Used: Indigo, Paper White, Slate, Dandelion

2nd Place - Susan Burpo

Colors Used: Dusty Miller, Switchgrass, Grey, Aquamarine, Fern

1st Place - Kyle Rankin

Colors Used: Prairie Coneflower, Chestnut


Honorable Mention - Kelly Padulese Czyzewski

Colors Used: Indigo, Queen Anne's Lace

3rd Place - Jeanne Palston

Colors Used: Hyacinth, Indigo

2nd Place - Gene Turner

Colors Used: Paper White, Indigo

1st Place - Kristina Halvorsen

Colors Used: Paper White, Onyx, Grey, Prairie Coneflower