Woolery Weave Off Winners 2022

Woolery Weave Off Winners 2022

Posted by Emily on Jun 24th 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who joined in The Woolery Weave-Off! We had such a fun time seeing all of your entries come in the mail. We know that they will be loved by their recipients. It's time to show off the winning designs! 

Beginner Honorable Mention - Miranda Richardson

Colors Used: Cranberry, Dusty Miller

Beginner Third Place - Erin Twiner

Colors Used: Lupine, Switchgrass, Pecan

Beginner Second Place - Lauren Haynes

Colors Used: Onyx, Heliotrope, Hyacinth, Blue Salvia, Prairie Coneflower

Beginner First Place - Courtney Olmsted

Colors Used: Cranberry, Pecan, Indigo

Rigid Heddle Third Place - Phyllis Bryan

Colors Used: Queen Annes Lace, Evergreen, Grey

Rigid Heddle Second Place - Abigail Booz

Colors Used: Lupine, Blue Poppy, Royal White, Queen Anne Lace, Slate, Chickory, Dusty Miller

Rigid Heddle First Place - Deb Clawson

Colors Used: Indigo, White, Black Poppy, Onyx, Tulip

Color Honorable Mention - Kathy Rohacek

Colors Used: Indigo, White, Black Poppy, Onyx, Tulip

Color Third Place - Janice Wrhel

Colors Used: Tulip, Switchgrass, Lemongrass, Chestnut, Onyx

Color Second Place - Jan Lodge

Colors Used: Lupine, Cranberry, Coneflower, Lemongrass, Queen Anne Lace

Color First Place - Tah’tini Ho'okan

Colors Used: Camellia, Aquamarine, Pecan

Pattern Honorable Mention - Anne M. Hauser

Colors Used: Heliotrope, Switchgrass, Buttercup, Lupine

Pattern Honorable Mention - Kelly Czyzewski

Colors Used: Lupine, Tulip

Pattern Third Place - Gene Turner

Colors Used: Paper White, Slate, Tulip, Prairie Coneflower, Blue Salvia

Pattern Second Place - Jill Haus

Colors Used: Dusty Miler, Slate, Onyx, Paper White, Tulip

Pattern First Place - Amanda Cutler

Colors Used: Paper White, Onyx