What's new at The Woolery? October 2020

What's new at The Woolery? October 2020

Posted by Emily on Oct 28th 2020

We have lots of new products that are super excited about! We have so many items on our website that sometimes new stuff can get lost in the shuffle if you don't see it right away, so we're taking a moment to highlight some of our favorites!

The Croft Shetland Tweed Yarn

The Croft Shetland Tweed Yarn

Produced in conjunction with Jameison & Smith, this 100% Shetland Wool yarn is ideal for both weaving and knitting. Select from a variety of tweed color options. This is a worsted weight yarn that has a soft and silky handle but is also durable. A croft is a defined area of land used for agricultural purposes most commonly found in the Highlands of Scotland. Those who live on and work the land are referred to as crofters. Additional information on crofting can be found at the Scottish Crofting Federation website.

Grizzly Adjustable Tapestry Loom from Beka

Grizzly Adjustable Tapestry Loom

The Grizzly is designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight and very flexible. Made out of Hard Maple from Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan. This hand-crafted, high quality vertical loom is perfect for tapestries or wall hangings; easy to use sitting or standing.

Enjoy weaving a wide range of projects, using this gigantic tapestry frame loom on a table (only the bottom half is needed), or standing upright on the floor at almost any height. You can weave numerous pieces at once or make one massive masterpiece; maximum weaving length is 64"! Adjustable at 3" increments making it possible to easily weave projects from 16" to 64" long.

Simple to assemble, each Tapestry Loom comes with a set of beams featuring strong plastic teeth (36" maximum weaving width - 5 teeth per inch = 180 teeth per beam piece), and all the tools needed to weave. Just add yarn and get weaving!

Gift Bag Felt Ornament Kit

We started carrying these little wool felt embroidery kits from Rachel's of Greenfield last year and we keep adding more because they are so cute we can't stop making them! This kit is unique because you get to stitch little envelopes that are the perfect size for sticking a giftcard in, so you get to give a giftcard but still have a handmade item as part of the gift! 

Bellatrista Banana Yarn

Bellatrista Banana Yarn

A member of the bast family of fibers, banana yarn is similar to linen. The yarn weaves up a bit stiff, but softens with use. Ideal for decorative or household items. For wearable items, we recommend a banana warp combined with cotton, silk, or hemp for the weft. This is a ligno-cellulosic fiber obtained from the stem of the banana plant. Due to its lightweight and comfortable hand, banana fiber is popular in Japan for use in summer wear as well as traditional kimono and kamishimo garments. It is biodegradable and has no negative environmental effects, a true eco-friendly fiber.

World of Wool Felting Kit - Elon the Elephant

Everyone at the shop gets excited when we get a new World of Wool Felting Kit. They are so detailed and realistic! This elephant kit is no exception and makes one 12" long 8" tall elephant. Which is a fairly large wool sculpture! The kit comes with everything you need to make your own elephant buddy! 

Siru Rigid Heddle Loom

This portable rigid heddle loom from Glimakra is constructed from Finnish Birch Plywood and offers an ergonomic weaving angle. The hinged design also makes it an ideal loom for weavers with limited space for equipment. The double heddle blocks enable double heddle weaving right out of the box. The loom is unfinished and requires assembly. Please note that this is a Pre-Order item expected to arrive to us by December 1st. 

Sugar Plum Jubilee Wool Felt Balls

These 1.5" felted wool balls can be used like pompoms, pop them on a string as a garland! We really like them though because they make a great perfected base for felting projects! If you want to make a bunch of wool felted ornaments as holiday gifts, you could use these as a base to make the process go much faster. Each tube contains 18 wool balls. There is also a grey/white tube if you're wanting a more wintry palette.