The Woolmark Learning Centre

The Woolmark Learning Centre

Posted by Emily on Jun 10th 2021

We wanted to take the time to make sure you knew about a really cool totally FREE online course series all about wool. It's The Woolmark Learning Centre

In their own words: "The Woolmark Learning Centre enables the transfer of knowledge along the global wool industry to empower and inspire. From programs aimed at secondary and tertiary design students, through to appreciation courses and development programs, the learning centre helps us to connect the supply chain, and inspire a new generation of talent.

Whoever you are in the textile industry, from students studying design and agriculture, to professionals in supply chain, manufacturing and fashion, the Woolmark Learning Centre will provide you with expert-led and in-depth digital coursework free of charge."

There are different course tracks from beginner to advanced so there should be something for everyone! Even if you aren't interested in the wool industry we think the videos are fascinating to watch as a fiber artist! They are all really high quality beautifully shot videos and are great to put on while you work on a fiber projects. 

The  Fundamental Wool Appreciation Course is a great place to start if you would like to learn more about where wool fibers and fabrics come from! Try it out and see if you enjoy the course series, then maybe try some of the more advanced courses! There is also an Industry Voices series showing interviews with people involved with various aspects of the wool industry. The Fashion & Design Program even has a certification you can earn by completing the course. 

We hope you take advantage of this great free resource to learn more about fiber!