The Viva Vivacious Scarf

The Viva Vivacious Scarf

Posted by Elizabeth & Amy on Dec 16th 2022

Back in October we shared a scarf project that featured Tencel and Uneek Worsted Wool. We’ve got another Tencel project this week to go with our 10th Fiber Gift of Christmas, so if you bought a roll of Tencel back in October this is a perfect 2 for 1 opportunity!

The effect in this scarf is the complete opposite of the previous project. With this one, Amy used Fyberspates Vivacious as the warp and Tencel as weft. This created subtle linear stripes and a very sleek, drapey scarf.

Like with the Uneek scarf, the nice thing about this project is that there are a few Fyberspates options that go with a single Tencel color to achieve this effect! There aren’t as many as Uneek, but between the two you can weave up several scarves with one spool of Tencel and the corresponding Fyberspates and Uneek colors. So if you have a spool of Tencel in Charcoal from last time, you could use that with multiple Fyberspates colors in this line! 

We created another handy-dandy chart to help you get the most out of your Tencel and Fyberspates Vivacious yarn! By cross-referencing every colorway in the Fyberspates Vivacious line with Tencel Colors, we determined which Tencel (if any) the Fyberspates would work with to duplicate this design. Simply identify the Fyberspates color you’re wanting to pair with Tencel and look across to find a check mark! Or if you already have a Tencel, look for that color and then look down to find which Fyberspates Vivacious yarns are marked! (**Remember this chart is for using the Fyberspates Vivacious as warp and Tencel as weft**)

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Here’s how to weave yours!

Materials Needed

Pattern: Plain Weave

We wrote this pattern up for a Rigid Heddle Loom but you can also use a Table Loom! Check out our blog post, How to Create Plain Weave on a Multi Harness Loom if you need help setting up your treadles!


We created a 100” inch warp using approximately 399 yards (the whole skein) of Fyberspates Vivacious that was around 10.3 inches wide.


Our scarf's EPI (ends per inch) is 12.5 because we're using the 12.5 Dent Rigid Heddle. Our PPI (picks per inch) was 14 and we used approximately 321 yards of Tencel to get 80 woven inches. Note: If you beat tighter than 14 PPI you will have less drape in your scarf.


We left about 6” of warp unwoven on both ends to create fringe. Our fringe was made by twisting bundles of 2 working ends together in each clip of our fringe twister, then letting them twist together to create twisted bundles of 4 total working ends. If you’ve never used a tool to twist fringe, check out this helpful video: Fringe Twisting Tutorial

The Fyberspates Vivacious 4 Ply yarn is our 10th Fiber Gift of Christmas which means it's on sale for 15% off now through December 22nd!

We’ve put together some Tencel and Fyberspates combinations to show you the range of possibilities you can achieve with just one spool and one skein! 



Happy weaving! We can’t wait to see your Vivacious and Uneek scarves! Be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram for a project shout out!