Summer Stash Dash Series: HiKoo Alpico

Summer Stash Dash Series: HiKoo Alpico

Posted by Elizabeth & Amy on Aug 2nd 2023

We’re kicking off the stash dash this year with a fun new yarn and a quick and easy project to show it off. This yarn is oh-so soft and super versatile that translates into a wearable, lightweight piece perfect for any time of year! It’s made with 58% baby Alpaca and 42% Peruvian Pima cotton and comes in six colors that balance stunning jewel tones with gray and white neutrals.

Amy had some Tencel leftover from last year’s Fyberspates’ Fiber Gift scarf and it pairs perfectly with HiKoo Alpaca. Using Tencel as the warp allows the HiKoo Alpico jewel tones to pop in the weft and the texture of the yarn to speak for itself.

Equipment Needed

- Rigid Heddle loom, at least 16” weaving width

- 12 dent reed

- Boat shuttle, bobbins or stick shuttle

- Fringe twister


Warp: Maurice Brassard Tencel 8/2, Vert Fonce ~ 413 yards

Weft: Hikoo Alpico, Palta ~ entire skein


Warp: 12 epi (144 ends total)

Weft: ~ 11 ppi (tricky to measure exactly due to the thick/thin nature of the yarn)

Dimensions (approximate)

Width in reed: 12”

Woven length: 80”

Finished size: ~ 11” x ~ 72” (not including 6” of fringe on each side)

Weave Structure

Plain weave


We created a 100” long warp with 144 ends using Tencel


We left about 6” of warp unwoven on both ends to create fringe. Our fringe was made by twisting bundles of 2 working ends together in each clip of our fringe twister, then letting them twist together to create twisted bundles of 4 total working ends. If you’ve never used a tool to twist fringe, check out this helpful video:

Colorway Suggestions

We determined which Tencel (if any) the HiKoo Alpico would work with to take the guesswork out. Simply identify the Hikoo color you’re wanting to pair with Tencel and look across to find a check mark! Or if you already have a Tencel, look for that color and then look down to find which Hikoo Alpico colors are marked!

Note: Some colors have multiple checkmarks, this means you could use either Tencel color, not that you need to use both