Spin Along Wrap Up

Spin Along Wrap Up

Posted by Annie on Aug 11th 2021

We are entering our last week of the first ever Woolery Spin Along and we have been blown away by the support and participation from everyone. We know it has been a long 8 weeks and we are so proud of every one, even if you were only able to do 1 of the 3 fibers, you left your spinning comfort zone and we appreciate you for being so adventurous! There is one major thing I hoped everyone who participated would take away from this event, and that is more confidence in yourself and your abilities! Once we have confidence in ourselves, no one can stop us! The amount of positive support you have offered each other was a breath of fresh air! The internet can be a dark and cold place, this group always felt warm and welcoming. That was 100% because of you.

Here is a wrap up of the skills you learned during this Spin Along:

  • Consistently spinning singles
  • Setting your singles
  • Figuring out your Grist
  • How to make a sample (woven or knit)
  • How to use a Precise Spinning Card
  • How to figure out your WPI
  • How different styles of spinning (worsted vs woolen) can affect the outcome of your yarn
  • Difference between Top and Roving and which fiber is used in different spinning methodsLearning how to differentiate different yarn sizes by Grist and WPI

Now, we are looking towards the future! We want your feedback and we want to know what we could do better. These are some questions that were at the end of the Info Packet we supplied and we know there are quite a few (they may be helpful to answer them all for your own personal records, even if you do not want to share). We would love it if you were able to fill out these questions and email them to annie@woolery.com or post them to the Woolery Spin Along Community Facebook page. Think of this as your assignment for this week, our last assignment!

Which fiber was your favorite to spin? What aspects of it made it your favorite?

Which fiber was your least favorite to spin? What aspects of it made you like it less?

Did you get inspired to make any projects out of any of the 3 fibers we used? What project are you going to make first?

Are there any processes of the Spinning Roadmap that you didn’t use regularly in your spinning before that you are going to incorporate now?

Which yarn weight was the easiest for you to spin in the beginning? Is it still the easiest?

Do you think your overall spinning technique improved over the course of the Spin Along? Why is that, regular practice or something else?

Name something you feel you learned or improved upon during our 8 weeks together.

What aspects of this process did you struggle with the most? Do you feel you were able to overcome the challenge?

Do you feel more confident spinning consistent singles after participating in the Spin Along?

Would you participate in the Spin Along again next year? Would you like us to add anything to future Spin Alongs? Let us know in the Facebook Group Community!