Project Idea: Needle Felted Mugs

Project Idea: Needle Felted Mugs

Posted by Emily on Jul 9th 2021

Our very own Amy Judd came up with a completely adorable project idea and we had to share it with you! It's one of those ideas that we were immediately smitten with: Needle Felted Mugs!

This is a great project to do using some extra leftover wool you have around! If you don't have little bits of wool available but want to try out this project check out these wool packs that come with multiple colors: Kromski Merino Wool Felting PackFrabjous Fibers Jumbo Gumball Pack, and Paint Box Wools.

You will need felting needles (Wooden Felting Needle Tool and Single Felting Needles are shown above) if you don't have them, as well as a work surface (we really like the Felted Sky Wool Felting Mat or this Foam Needle Felting Work Surface), but that's all you need aside from a mug!

Amy made this wool insert to match one of her favorite mugs. If you don't know what design to use for your own mug insert, try matching your mug like Amy! We love the 3D butterfly detail and think Amy did such a fantastic job with this! All you need to do to make your own is grab some wool and felt it into a shape that will fit in your mug. Amy did most of this shaping outside of the mug because you don't want to poke your felting needle on the inside of your mug and chip the mug! Then once you have your shape you can decorate the top, because only the top of your mug insert shows it doesn't matter what color wool you use on the inside. Amy made her 3D butterfly separate and then attached him to the top of the insert once he was finished. 

This was the first mug Amy made and after we saw it we knew we had to have her make some inserts for our Woolery mugs that we use around the office.  

This is Amy's take on a matcha latte in our Woolery Green color scheme. You may recognize this little sheep friend form our Woolery Fiber Flock stickers that we put in our packages! 

This one might be our favorite. Amy made some needle felted latte art and it's too cute! She did an awesome job blending the different colors of wool together to make the latte illusion. Amy said she was even working on it while in a doctor's waiting office and picked it up sideways to take it with her and the nurse was concerned she was spilling her coffee! 

The Woolery mugs featured in these photos are not available on our website but if you are in the market for a new mug, check out the brand new Kromski Enamel Mug

These felted mugs would be absolutely perfect holders for needle felting needles while you work on projects. They are also perfect pin cushions. We think they would make for great gifts for fellow crafty people! 

If these have inspired you but you haven't tried needle felting before check out our previous blog post: How to Get Started With Needle Felting for a great jumping off point!