Prepare to be hooked with this rug hooked winter wreath!

Prepare to be hooked with this rug hooked winter wreath!

Posted by Elizabeth on Nov 4th 2022

The beauty of fiber art is that there are endless possibilities to our fiber-y creations. Sure, you’ve got your staples: scarves, towels, socks, tapestry felting, amigurumi figures, punch needle pillows… the list goes on and on. With this project, we’re taking a step out of the box and doing something a bit different! A rug hooked wreath!

This beginner-friendly rug hooking kit comes complete with a pre-printed pattern on monk’s cloth, pre-cut wool strips, cotton binding tape, color-key, and a hook! You will need a rug hooking frame or hoop to keep the workspace taut. If you opt for a hoop, you will need one that’s at least 12” wide to accommodate the whole pattern. With the final product measuring 8” x 8” it’s a perfect project to dip your toes into the world of rug hooking.

Amy hooked this snowflake, but wanted to take it one step further with the finishing process. She used small pieces of birch to create the frame and attached twine to the four corners of the frame and back of the hooked piece. This gives the illusion of the snowflake being suspended within the frame and adds dimension. As we head into the winter months, this snowflake is perfect to hang and leave up all season long!

Tips and Tricks to Keep In Mind:

  • Pay close attention to the instructions provided with the kit. There are limited amount of strips and the kitmaker will usually say how many inches one hooked strip should be so as not to run out
  • Sort your strips. There are at least 3 different shades of red in this kit. In order not to use all of one shade in one part of your piece, take note of how many strips you have of each shade and aim to use them evenly around your piece.
  • Use the darker shades of red around the white of the snowflake to give the illusion of depth. This technique makes the snowflake really stand out from the background.
  • There are two different sizes of white strips in this kit; use the thinner ones for the small branches of the snowflake

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Now if you’re buying the kit for yourself we’d love to see how you display your handicraft! Whether you turn it into a wreath like Amy, create a wintery accent pillow, or some other creative creation, be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Happy crafting, fiber fam!