Picking, Grinning, and Heavenly Handspinning!

Picking, Grinning, and Heavenly Handspinning!

Posted by Chris on May 24th 2012


King Edwards, a Border Leicester at Windsor Wool Farm.

We are just back from the  Kentucky Sheep and Wool Festival. We brought back big bags of beautiful Border Leicester Fleece from Windsor Wool Farm, a fourth generation family farm. These fleeces have lovely long locks that are just begging to be washed up and run through our new pickers.

Woolery Table Top Box Picker

Pickers look like some sort of medieval torture device, but they will quickly become one of your favorite fiber tools, particularly if you are trying to process an entire fleece. They open up the locks and make combing or carding a dream!

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team!