Our 5 Fave Weaving Yarns

Our 5 Fave Weaving Yarns

Posted by Elizabeth on Jan 11th 2023

Choosing yarn to weave with can be tricky to say the least. You have to consider the type of project you’re weaving and the qualities the resulting fabric needs to have to suit your project. However, everyone has their own preferences, so I asked our resident weavers what their favorite yarns to weave with are! These five yarns were the most mentioned across the board:

1. Maurice Brassard Cotton 8/2 & 8/4

Maurice Brassard Cotton

The classic go-to. Both 8/4 and 8/2 sizes are favorites for dish towels, place mats, tablecloths, and more! With over 75 colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

2. Knitting Fever Painted Desert

Knitting Fever Painted Desert

The delicate and durable superfine wool yarn comes in a variety of color changing options. We have a project using this yarn that creates beautiful gradient color transitions throughout the fabric and a super drapey scarf!

3. Uneek Cotton

Uneek Coton

Cotton isn’t always for towels and tablecloths! Back in 2020 we wove fabric that became a beautiful shrug (Check it out here)! Perfect for warmer temperatures when you still want something to cover up with, but not get overheated. This yarn is a self-striping, hand-dyed, 100% mercerized cotton that comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

4. Juniper Moon Moonshine

Juniper Moon Moonshine

If you’re wanting to make something truly special and high quality, then this yarn is perfect. The wool and alpaca provide the soft hand while the organic silk makes the colors glow! It’s a perfect balance of strength and softness and versatile among weaving, knitting, and crochet!

5. Jaggerspun Kokadjo

Kokadjo has a nice twist structure that makes it ideal for wearable items like scarves and shawls. The added silk makes for extra durability so you can wear your creations long after you take them off the loom. Did we mention it’s also machine washable!? There’s a nice variety of solid and striped colorway options to choose from as well.

Like with anything else, "favorites" are super subjective, but there's no denying that these yarns rise above the rest! If you haven't already, we challenge you to weave with one of these yarns this year and come to your own conclusions.

Happy weaving!