New Loom Bench Baskets

New Loom Bench Baskets

Posted by Emily on Jun 9th 2021

You already know how much we love the Fair Trade African Market baskets that we carry. They're excellent for storing projects, yarn, or bringing along to a farmer's market! They are also all handmade and totally one of a kind so whenever we get a new batch of them in the store we have to spend some time oohing and ahhing over the all the pretty designs. We were so excited to discover that they started making a model that was designed to be a bike basket. As soon as we saw it we knew we could turn it into what we really wanted: a loom bench basket

How great does that look on our favorite Rosie's Weaving Bench? These baskets are a generous size so you can fit several cones, skeins, shuttles, bobbins, scissors, snacks (hey, we won't judge!) or whatever other tools you need while you weave. The width on these baskets ranges from 9"-10". The length is 14"-16" and the height or depth of the basket is 9"-10". We are so pleased at how well the leather straps work in the handles of our Rosie's Weaving Bench

It's super easy to attach and unattach. Because these leather handles were made with bikes in mind, they are super sturdy and your basket won't be going anywhere once you set it up! They would also work like this with the Harrisville Bench Kit because it has similar handles.

We also came up with a neat trick to attach the basket to some of the benches we carry that don't have clever handle holes to attach the straps to. 

We put the straps around a Leclerc Styrene Bobbin and then butted the bobbin up to the top of the bench supports and it makes for a great hanging system! This trick will work with Glimakra Bench (which is what we have it shown on in these photos) and the Leclerc Adjustable Height Bench

Like all of the African Market Baskets we carry, proceeds from these baskets go to provide healthcare, school fees, and community buildings for the weavers and their children. 

All of the baskets are handmade in Ghana and are totally unique in color and pattern! You can expect your basket to be the same approximate size and shape as the ones we have shown in the photos above but your color and pattern will be a surprise! If you have a strong color preference you can leave us a note in your order notes and we will try to honor your preferences. Shop the Loom Bench Basket here