New Bluegrass Mills Cotton Colors

New Bluegrass Mills Cotton Colors

Posted by Emily on Feb 4th 2021

Our Woolery Exclusive Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton Yarn is one of our favorite yarns for weaving. We're not just saying that because it's our house brand, we absolutely love it for making dish towels, it's a super absorbent thirsty cotton and makes the best towels! We have a whole Woolery Weave Off to help celebrate that fact. We wanted to add some new deeper colors to the Bluegrass Mills Cotton palette and we're really excited about these four brand new shades.

Just like the name sounds this green is inspired by coniferous trees like spruce and pine. It makes a wonderful natural forest palette with our naturals like Chestnut, Pecan, and Dusty Miller.

Indigo is a deep rich blue. We have felt that navy blue was missing from our Bluegrass Mills Cotton line for a while and we're fixing that with Indigo! It works very well with all of the grey neutrals like Slate, Grey (new!), Paper White, and Queen Anne's lace for a classic look. We also love it in high contrast with brights like Prairie Coneflower. 

We wanted another step in-between our Slate (light grey) and Onyx (black) shades and this new Grey is it! You can now make a gorgeous monochromatic fade from white to black using Bluegrass Mills Cotton. Grey is a very neutral tone and looks fabulous paired with any of our pastel shades like Dogwood, Buttercup, Heliotrope, Blue Poppy, and Aquamarine. We think it's one of the most versatile shades in the line and can't wait to see what you make using it! 

Cranberry is a deep blue toned red. Where our existing Tulip is more of a firetruck/lipstick red, Cranberry is more of a, well, cranberry. Pair Cranberry and Evergreen for a classic Christmas decor combo. Cranberry also makes a great rustic Americana look with Indigo, and Queen Anne's Lace.