Make Your Own Starburst Pom Poms!

Make Your Own Starburst Pom Poms!

Posted by Emily on Jun 26th 2019

Everyone has random bits of leftover yarn that they aren't sure what to do with. Pom poms are a super fun easy way to use up all those yarn leftovers. Plus, they are easy enough that they are a great way to keep the kids occupied this Summer! 

Pom Pom Project Materials

For this project, you will only need a few, simple things: 

First up, choose your color! It can be any color you would like, there are no rules with pom poms! 

Take one end of your yarn and fill the slot on one of the stems of the 'A' shape of the Loome. 

After securing the tip of yarn with your finger, begin to wrap the yarn around and around and around and around... until you have used all of your yarn or just until you feel happy! There isn't any hard and fast rule here, you can use however much you desire! The less yarn you use, the looser/smaller the pom pom will be and the more yarn use use, the fluffier/bigger your pom pom will be.

After you have wrapped your yarn, cut the end from your ball/scrap of yarn. Cut about a 6" piece of yarn.  You will use this yarn to tie a knot around the loops of yarn

Wrap your separate piece of yarn around the middle of your loops.  TIP: Make sure that the string used to tie the knot is in the center of your spun yarn on both sides! 

Once your cluster is secured, you can pull the almost pom pom off of your Loome. Then, tie a square knot on both sides, two more times each, just for safe measure! 

Next, insert your scissors into one side of the pre-pom. Cut those loops to make them into cut ends. Do the same thing on the other side of the pre-pom. Now you have what appears to be, a fluffy little puff. You may need to adjust the lengths of the small strands of the pom pom to give a more even appearance. You can do this by pulling on the strands, or giving your pom a haircut. It helps to give the pom pom a little fluff with your fingers, as well!

VOILA! You have successfully created a pom pom! You can add this to accessories, keychains, clothing, home decorations... you name it! Happy pomming!

We are going to be showing you how to make a couple different types of pom poms here on the blog, then we'll put them all together in a Pom Pom Garland project. So keep watching this space for more pom pom fun!