Let's Talk Aesthetics: Cottagecore

Let's Talk Aesthetics: Cottagecore

Posted by Emily on Mar 3rd 2021

Let's Talk Aesthetics is our blog series where we explore different ways to fit handmade accessories and garments into specific aesthetic styles. Check out our first post all about the neon, pastel, and 80's computer graphics infused world of Vaporwave! For our second installment, we're taking a look at Cottagecore! 

Cottagecore hearkens back to agricultural and craft roots, so it is a natural fit for handmade fiber projects! The aesthetic focuses on sustainable living and being harmonious with nature. Cottagecore has gained lots of fans during the pandemic through a strong interest in activities that are associated with it. How many of your started baking bread or keeping a sourdough starter? Gardening is also a big activity for Cottagecore fans. Hand embroidery and knitting are also part of the community. We think handwoven fabrics will fit right at home in this style as well! 

Obviously cottages fit into the Cottagecore aesthetic, but also more general scenes like picnics, gardens, fields, and farmhouses are at home. Cottagecore fashion includes floral prints, natural dyed fabrics, loose flowing skirts, lace, and handmade accessories like knitted socks. Home decor involves infusing the indoors with nature via cut fresh flowers and dried flowers. The color palette tends to be all hues you would find in nature, with neutrals, warm, and green tones.  Additional motifs are hand written letters, farm animals, domesticated pets, vintage teaware and cookware. 

Movies and books also influence the Cottagecore style. If you're wanting to have a movie or reading marathon this weekend check out Anne of Green Gables, Pride & Prejudice, The Secret Garden, Alice in Wonderland, or Little Women. 

This aesthetic is extremely popular on both Instagram and TikTok. If you're looking for a jumping off point for some Cottagecore inspiration give @cottagecoredream a follow on instagram for curated posts from various members of the Cottagecore community. 

We kept all of these influences in mind when pulling items that would fit into this cozy aesthetic. 

Items featured from left to right:

We focused on using either natural colors or dyed colors that could be found in nature. We also gravitated towards rustic textures as opposed to smooth shiny yarns. Some of our shop sample handwoven cotton dishcloths made a great backdrop and we think they would look at home in any Cottagecore kitchen. The spindles were also a great place to show off some natural wood colors. 

Project ideas

  • Weave cotton dishtowels
  • Knit socks
  • Try out natural dyeing 
  • Crochet a picnic blanket
  • Hook a floral or nature inspired rug
  • Spin a yarn with natural colored wool

We're having lots of fun exploring different aesthetics in this series! Next up we're going to play with some pastels and extra cute things, any guesses?