How To Measure A Drum Carder Drive Belt

How To Measure A Drum Carder Drive Belt

Posted by Emily on Jan 15th 2020

One of our most frequently asked questions here at The Woolery comes up when customers need to order a new drive belt for their drum carders. We make custom drive belts to size here, but many people do not know the size belt they need. Measuring that little circle can cause a lot of consternation! 

When you need a replacement you can't just cut and measure your old belt since it is stretched out it isn't the right size anymore. You need to find a material with a similar diameter to the drive band (we use clothesline or a round extension cord) and wrap it around the pully system the same way your drive band goes. Then you mark where the two ends of the cord line meet up. Take the cord off the drum carder and measure the distance between your marks with a yard stick or ruler. 

It's a little trickier than it would seem at first glance so Nancy explains how to get a perfect accurate measurement of your drum carder in this YouTube video!

The drum carder used in the video is the Strauch Petite