How to Make Multicolor Pom Poms

How to Make Multicolor Pom Poms

Posted by Emily on Jul 11th 2019

We already showed you how to make your own  Starburst Pom Poms, now it's time to level up those skills with multicolor poms! 

To make multicolor pom poms you will need the same materials you needed for the previous Starburst Pom Poms:

  • Yarn, in a few different colors (we recommend wool as it fluffs up the best)
  • Fabric scissors (you can use regular scissors, but the yarn will be harder to cut!)
  • Loome Big A Tool

To start pick your first color, it doesn't matter which one you choose, just go with your gut! 

Take one end of your yarn and fill the slot on one of the stems of the 'A' shape of the Loome tool. After securing the tip of yarn with your finger, begin to wrap the yarn around and around horizontally. Wrap it around 8-10 times, cut your yarn. 

Then do the same step you just did, but with your second color of yarn! 

Keep going with your remaining colors, you can totally overlap your colors, or just partially overlap some colors. We suggest experimenting to get poms with different color block sizes! 

The more yarn you wrap on, the fluffier and thicker your pom pom will be. The only rule is to not wrap so thick as to make it impossible to cut through your yarn! 

After you're done wrapping, cut a 12 inch piece of your last color used. Wrap it around your yarn vertically and tie a knot. Then wrap the yarn around to the other side vertically and tie another knot to make sure your pom pom will not fall apart. 

Once your knots are secure, slip your almost pom off the Loome tool and cut through both sides of loops. 

And you've made a pom pom! If you're happy with it you can stop here, but we suggest giving it a haircut. 

All you need to do is use your scissors to cut around the pom pom trimming off uneven bits that poke out. 

You have successfully made a multicolor pom pom! Have fun making more!

We're going to be giving you some project ideas for ways to use all these poms poms in an upcoming post, so keep up with the blog for more pom pom fun!