Hemp Towels with a Taste of Spring

Hemp Towels with a Taste of Spring

Posted by Elizabeth on Mar 31st 2023

Back in February we shared a bumberet towel to kick off our annual Weave-Off contest and this project is an extension of that, but slightly different. Amy wove another bumberet towel, but this time in hemp (If you missed our previous blog post highlighting why you should try hemp yarn this year, check it out here)! It’s been interesting to compare the same pattern woven with different fibers, but we have to agree that the hemp towel gives off cottagecore vibes that are perfect for the beginning of spring.

I personally was inspired by this towel to make something that would embrace the beginning of sunny, spring afternoons. What better way to do that than bake something!? I found this blackberry, rosemary, and peanut focaccia recipe in Grow, Cook, Dye, Wear by Bella Gonshorovitz. It tastes as good as it looks and is super simple to make. While we can’t share the full recipe due to copyright, you can buy your copy of her book that has tons of great information surrounding harvesting ingredients that can be used to cook and dye with as well as sewing patterns! You can find it here.

As for the towel, we can share everything there is to know, so you can make your own (or use it as inspiration to weave your own hemp towel for our Weave-Off contest!) This year we added a hemp category, so as long as your towel is woven from our BG Mills Hemp yarn and meets the size requirement, you’re all set. You still have time to get your towels woven before our postmark deadline of May 19th!

Equipment Needed

- 4 shaft loom, at least 20” weaving width

- 10 dent reed

- 1 shuttle

Yarns - Enough for approximately 2 towels

Warp:Bluegrass Mills Hemp: ~ 816 yards Queen Anne’s Lace, ~216 yards Indigo, ~108 yards Paper White

Weft:: Bluegrass Mills Hemp: ~ 285 yards per towel at 20 ppi using Queen Anne’s Lace and Indigo (or enough to reach desired length)

There wasn’t enough Queen Anne’s Lace to use as weft with two towels, so Amy wove one with Indigo and it is just as stunning! No need to buy a second cone of Queen Anne’s Lace (unless you want to!)


Warp: 20 epi (2 ends per dent in an 10 dent reed)

Weft: 20 ppi

Dimensions (approximate)

Width in reed: 19”

Woven length: 30”

Finished size: ~ 17.13” x 26.75”

This project is fairly simple and you can switch out the colors as you see fit. For the weft sequence, continue the treadle pattern until your desired length as well as leaving a few inches at both ends in a plain weave for your hem!

Warp Order


*click to enlarge*

Whether you’re entering the Woolery Weave-Off, making towels for yourself, or baking bread, we would love to see anything you make that was inspired by this blog post!

Happy making!