Get To Know The Drum Carder: Video!

Get To Know The Drum Carder: Video!

Posted by Chris on Mar 2nd 2012

Abby (center) talks about twist.

Last Saturday was one of those days that makes us feel very lucky to do what we do. Hosting Abby Franquemont, one of spinning's greatest treasures; and Otto and Joanne Strauch, makers of Strauch drum carders had the store hopping. We all learned something new.

Many of our regulars joined us for the day. Among others, were Liz with her new Sidekick; Tavia with drop spindle in tow; Moe who is a regular in classes. It is such a pleasure to watch students emerge from a class brimming with excitment and new knowledge.

While Abby was teaching a very full house, Otto and Joanne were giving demos on their Petite and Finest Drum Carders. We know that many of you were not able to make it to the shop. We wanted you to still be part of the day.  Here is a video of Otto and Joanne giving us an introduction to the drum carder. It is brimming with information on how to turn use a drum carder including lots of tips and tricks. They show us how to transform fleece into light and airy batts ready for the spinning wheel. Whose in?

Chris, Nancy, and The Entire Woolery Team